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마인드맵 아시는지요?

여태까지 제가 사용해본 마인드맵 소프트웨어중에 최고인거 같습니다.
그리고,우리나라에는 대표적으로 thinkwise라는 프로그램이 있기전부터
,외국에서 많은 사람들이 사용하는 소프트웨어입니다.

참 국산 소프트웨어 thinkwise는 협업을 지원해서,여러사람이 온라인으로 마인드매핑을 할 수있습니다..

ConceptDrawOfficeis a tool appropriated to be used in a daily work of
projectand non-projectmanagers who deal with various kinds of planning as well as resources and tasks management.
ConceptDrawOfficeoutstanding innovation is the ability of end-to-end visual representation of the data and task status information in a visual manner that is the most optimal for each workflow participant.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDrawPROJECTand ConceptDraw PRO composed a single solution that provides all requirements of managing a workflow orproject:
* Capturing the ideas,
* Planning and scheduling,
* Organizing the process,
* Keeping of suitable communications,
* Process tracking and management.

Key features
Latest versions of ConceptDraw products for your business.
ConceptDrawOfficehas accumulated the 15-years experience in developing business productivity applications, data visualization technologies and breakthrough inprojectmanagement solutions.

Seamless integration creates a background for successfulprojectfrom starting point.
The InGyre technology within ConceptDrawOfficeprovides you with shortest way to turn idea intoproject: copy information from ConceptDraw MINDMAP, and paste it into ConceptDrawPROJECTas aproject, resource or task.

Tool todevelopprojectin details.
ConceptDrawOfficetools enable you to instantly build a mind map from your Gantt chart data.
A ConceptDrawPROJECTmultipleprojectdocument easily becomes a multiple page mind map in ConceptDraw MINDMAP.
A mind map gives clear and visual representation of yourprojectand its defined tasks, making them great for team work todevelopprojectin details carefully.

Improve understanding between workflow process participants.
Differentprojectparticipants might have different preferences of how theprojectdata is represented. Thanks to common data format of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDrawPROJECTwithin ConceptDrawOffice, the sameprojectdata can be displayed in the form of a mind map or Gantt chart.

Add clearness and clarity to planning processes.
Apply Work Breakdown Structure method (WBS). to define the work required for theprojectand to break it into manageable pieces. A good WBS can help in the development of any complex process. ConceptDrawOfficeallows you to generate WBS diagram in ConceptDraw PRO from ConceptDrawPROJECTdata with one mouse click directly fromprojectfile.

Build a considerate team communications.
ConceptDrawOfficeallows you to emailprojecttasks to participants in as a convenient mind map.
Also you can receive reports about tasks completion in the form of mind map.
A mind map with a personalized task list and associated preview image are created and sent automatically. Contact details for the participants are retrieved from the ConceptDrawPROJECTResource Sheets.Projectexecuters can create a reports about tasks completion in the form of a mind maps and send it as an email attachment directly from ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

Create effective system of workflow visualization.
The way to increase the efficiency ofprojectcompletion is to focus on those aspects which are most important to each participant. With ConceptDrawOfficeyou are given the tools to generate graphical reports to present theprojectflow and status all in one visual look which is most suitable for specified audience.

Support for latest Macintosh and Windows operational systems versions.
All documents generated by ConceptDrawOfficecomponent tools can be freely exchanged between operating systems.

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