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아직도,Final cut 7을 사용하는 곳이 많죠,

final cut 7에서 작업하던 내용을--> final cut pro X에서 사용해야할 경우에 사용하면 됩니다..

7toX for Final Cut Pro brings your Final Cut Pro (7 or 6) XML forward to Final Cut Pro X so you can use AppleΓÇÖs powerful new professional editing tools to update or finish your older projects. The lightweight application is simple to use, with drag-and-drop support and progress information. 7toX translates important metadata from your Final Cut Pro Project XML ΓÇö including bins, clips, subclips and sequences ΓÇö to a new Event in Final Cut Pro X with the highest fidelity of any translation application for Final Cut Pro. In addition, the application provides clear, detailed reporting after every translation.


Final Cut Pro version 10.0.6 or later
An application that exports Final Cut Pro XML (such as Final Cut Pro 7 or 6, Premiere Pro CS6 etc.)


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