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Control any PC (like opening the CD-ROM, Viewing the Screen, Controlling Mouse etc.) inLondonsitting right at your place like Delhi. Get into your Friends Accounts of Gmail, Facebook, Orkut and many more in Fraction of Seconds. All E-Mail accounts are now yours, Send mails from any E-mail account without actually logging into it. Surprised? Don�t be. The Kyrion Ethical HackingWorkshoptrains you in every domain related to CyberSecurity. However, we do everything � Ethically!!! To be an EthicalHacker, it is important to think like them! The focus of theworkshopis to teach you how to protect yourself from the menace of hacking. During theworkshop, the primary aim is to introduce you to the current popular attacks and explain the techniques to counter them. Don't worry, it would not be a "scriptkiddie" material, it will cover concepts and working of the Attacks. Development of your own tools and scripts will also be covered. The other focus of theworkshopis to enable you to build up future systems. It includes making you aware of the current shortcomings which give rise to badsecuritysystems. As it is a vast topic, we will be giving an overview of what constitutes an 'ideal secure system'. Thiscoursewould equip students to counter the potential attacks. Also, the aim would be to impart technical know-how of how to make the Internet transactions safe and secure. This would be a founding stone for India to emerge as a Super Power in times to come.CourseDetails: Theworkshopcovers the key concepts of ethical hacking, Trojans, WebSecurity, WirelessSecurityand Software Cracking. Thecoursestructure is well defined and provides in-depth knowledge on cybersecuritywith addition to live demonstrations. With exceptionally good reviews, Kyrion stands as a highly reputed company in providing Ethical HackingWorkshopTraining. To register now and avail early bird discounts # Concept of Ethical Hacking # Email Hacking #WindowsHacking andSecurity# Trojans # Web Server as a Target # Wireless Hacking # Software Cracking and Patching #MobileTips & Tricks

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