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개개인 DNA분자의 염기서열을 결정  및 분석하여서 ,자신의 iPOD또는 iPhone에 저장한다? 
와우 정말 죽이는 기계임에는 틀림이 없네요..

보통 일반적인 분석기계는 최소 1주일정도 걸린다고 합니다.하지만, 이기계는 단 몇시간안에 분석합니다.

보통 DNA염기서열분석및 결정하는 기계는 50만달러(우리돈 약 6억이상), 하지만 ,
이기계는 5만달러(약 6천만원)정도 한다고 합니다.......

아래는  원문 내용입니다.


NA sequencing technology isn't exactly accessible; a typical sequencing machine can easily cost $500,000. A startup called Ion Torrent aims to change that with a desktop sequencing machine for just $50,000.

The key to Ion Torrent's Personal Genome Machine is a semiconductor chip that holds 1.5 million sensors, each of which can hold a single strand DNA fragment. The chip electronically detects the DNA sequence, unlike other sequencing machines that optically detect DNA with pricey lasers, microscopes, and cameras. It can sequence a DNA sample in a few hours, while other machines can take at least a week. And it can scale up fast. The company explains:

Because Ion Torrent produces its proprietary semiconductor chips in standard CMOS factories, we leverage the $1 trillion dollar investment that has been made in the semiconductor industry over the past 40 years. This industry's huge manufacturing infrastructure enables Ion Torrent to meet any demand for our chips.There are some caveats. Each $250 chip can only be used once. The chip also reads a small amount of DNA; 10 to 20 million bases per run, out of the 3 billion base pairs in the human genome. But that's enough for genetic diagnostic tests, according to Technology Review.

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