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캐주얼하게,영화음악 집에서도 만들어 볼수 있는 소스....

Sony MediaSoftware CinemascapeSoundtrackConstruction Elements - WAV/ACiD .DYNAMiCS | 1.34 GB

Sony MediaSoftwareapplications and content offer comprehensive solutions that afford complete control over your own creative destiny. In our quest to provide superb, royalty-freesoundtrackcomposition music to rival anything you've heard, we present Cinemascape:SoundtrackConstruction Elements.

This Premium Collection library contains a broad assortment of textures and melodies designed to effectively inform and interface with visual information. Cinemascape collection assets function on a continuum, from sparse, layerable elements, to fully-produced music segments that can be used as non-looping instantsoundtrackmaterial. Included with this two-disc set are two incredible, editable, ready-to-use ACIDsoftwareProjects that blend 24-bit Cinemascape collection sounds with loops and samples from throughout the vast Sony Sound Seriescatalog. Extensivelinernotes bring you closer tocomposerJames Johnsons materials and creative vision, so that you coalesce with his unique approach to music and sound design aesthetics that much more effectively. Enjoy our Cinemascape:SoundtrackConstruction Elements collection and every collection in our line, in ACIDsoftware, and on all other platforms that support the .wav file format.
Format: 24BiT WAV/ACiD

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