IT/발표관련2010. 12. 21. 20:42
  관련 작가,사인,글쓰시는 분들이 저 아래의 프로그램을 한번이라도 써본다면,정말 업무에 많은 도움이 되실겁니다.
 전 프로그램을 잘 쓸줄 아는데, 쓸 글이 없어서,문제죠? ㅋㅋ
 단순히,아래한글,워드나 그외 오피스보다는 매우 파워풀 합니다...구글링 하시면 손쉽게 구하실수있습니다..

- Watch the preview movie

- Play with your cursor to bring up the hidden features

- The Power "trio" of appz needs to contact an onlineserverto complete activation. Use legit-looking bogus registration info and allow them to do so. If your serial has already been activated, reinstall with a new serial and repeat the process until successful.

This includes:
Dramatica Pro v4.0
Dramatica Writer's DreamKit 4.0
Movie Magic ScreenWriter 2000 v4.5 (ISO) + v4.73 (installer)
Movie Magic Contracts 2
StoryView 2.0
NewNovelist 2
Script Werx for Word v9
Cinergy 2000 v5
Power Writer 1.7.5
Power Structure 1.5.2
Final Draft 8.0.1
Final Draft AV 2.5
Sophocles 2007
Page2Stage 1.02
MovieWriterPro 3.1
How to Write a Damn Good Novel I & II
The Screenwriting Bible
Scriptwriting for Dummies

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