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  1. 2010.12.21 Puddle(물리엔진 팍팍 들어간)다운로드 사이트 포함

Puddle is a platform game taking place everywhere in our world, coming from a human body to a space shuttle. In Puddle, the avatar is represented by a large amount of liquid particles, flowing from a part of a level to the other. The player isn't allowed to act directly on the avatar, he is only able to tilt the level to the right or the left. Liquid properties and level design are always different, rejuvenating the fun at each level for the player. The slowness of the tilt and the lack of friction on the liquid require the player to anticipate the dangers. The player doesn't have to bring his entire puddle to the goal, but only to keep as much as he can, dodging fire, rifts, and other dangers.

System requirements:
- Operating System: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
- Memory: 1 gb
- Sound device: compatible with DirectX
- Free space on hard drive: 100 mb
- Video Card: 128 mb of memory

다운로드 사이트 : http://puddle-game.com/#download

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